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Receiving proper oral health care and maintaining good dental health are important aspects of your greater wellness. However, some people are afraid that receiving a local anesthetic from a dentist during pregnancy may be detrimental to the child’s health. If this is a concern of yours, then Dover Dental Associates has some good news. According to a study published in August of 2015 by the American Dental Association (ADA), it is safe for pregnant women to undergo dental treatment with local anesthetics.

The Study

According to study author Aharon Hagai, “We aimed to determine if there was a significant risk associated with dental treatment with anesthesia and pregnancy outcomes. We did not find any such risk.” This is a recent study and many dental professionals are still a little hesitant to administer local anesthetics without an OBGYN’s release note. However, the study concluded that there was no elevated risk of abnormal diagnoses (i.e., cerebral palsy, cleft lip, heart defects, etc.) when the mother was treated with a local anesthetic. Similarly, no variance in birthweight, gestational term, or miscarriages was uncovered.

The Importance of Proper Dental Care

According to Dr. Hagai, “This is a crucial period of time in a woman’s life and maintaining good oral health is directly related to good overall health.” Expectant women who neglect going to the dentist put themselves at increased risk for tooth decay because they don’t brush as much. An increased likelihood in gingivitis, a penchant for new foods (sometimes sugary or salty), and morning sickness can all contribute to a greater risk of dental problems. Visiting the dentist and receiving proper oral health care is vital to ensuring your personal health and your infant’s.

Though the study showed that local anesthetics are safe to use during pregnancy, it is important to consult with both your OBGYN and dental professional to ensure that other procedures and medications are safe. For example, digital x-rays should be used in place of traditional radiation-based options, though most offices use the digital format these days. Most dentist will require some sort of release form from your OBGYN just to be sure that you and the baby are healthy enough for dental work.

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