Implant Denture Benefits

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Traditional dentures, both partials which clasp around remaining teeth and full dentures whose stability relies on suction and adhesives, used to be the only option a patient may have when most or all of an arch of teeth was lost. However, Drs. Dumas and Balzano are skilled in providing implant supported dentures as an alternative to this traditional methodology. Compared to their traditional counterparts, implant-based dentures offer several advantages for the patients who prefer them.

The Benefits

Implant supported dentures do not slip around the mouth like regular dentures can. The implants serve as artificial teeth roots which anchor them in place. This makes implant-supported dentures much more comfortable to wear, and they do not interfere with normal speech and taste as traditional dentures can.

Additionally, the security of implant supported dentures means you can bite down on foods that would be challenging for normal dentures. Your diet does not have to be as limited with these dentures as it would have been with traditional dentures. If your ability to eat certain foods is a key concern, then our Dover dentists recommend implant-supported dentures.

With regards to partial dentures, traditional options can wear down the health of any remaining teeth in the arch; the clasps which secure partial dentures may harm these otherwise healthy teeth. Implant supported partial dentures do not need or have these clasps, making them more beneficial to protecting your oral health.

What to Expect

Electing for implant supported dentures requires a two-part process that begins with a visit to your dental professional. The implant posts have to be installed into the jawbone, and these require a healing period in order to properly integrate into the jaw. Once the surgery sites have healed, the dentures are now ready to be snapped into place and enjoyed by the wearer. Due to their removable, stable design, these dentures can be cleaned and maintained with ease.

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