Why People Love Invisalign®

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Since 1999, Invisalign® has served as a clear alternative to metal braces. Many dental patients have chosen to develop beautiful smiles and correct mild to moderate teeth alignment issues by selecting this clear aligner system. Many patients love Invisalign®, and here is why:

You cannot see Invisalign®

Unlike traditional, metallic braces that stand out in one’s mouth, Invisalign® aligners are crystal clear and sit nearly flush with the teeth. Adults who need braces but are concerned about their looks or the way they’ll be perceived at the workplace tend to prefer Invisalign® process, as their smile is often the first thing a client or prospective customer will see. Even if the concern is not workplace related, wearers will likely feel more confident with clear aligners than they would with standard braces.

Protect Your Oral Health

Traditional braces feature sharp wires that can gouge and slice, and bulk of metal braces can accelerate tooth decay, cavity formation, gum disease, and more; food is more easily pinned in place against the braces, which makes proper oral hygiene difficult. Invisalign® is gentler to the gums and teeth and won’t cause the significant pain and discomfort as seen with regular braces.

Convenient Hygiene with Invisalign®

Though braces wearers certainly can and must brush their teeth, it is far simpler to quickly remove your Invisalign® system, conduct your oral hygiene routine, and then replace the clear aligner. So long as your hygiene routine is thorough and effective, your teeth will be less likely to suffer from decay as they could with traditional braces.

Shorter Treatment Plan

Invisalign can straighten a smile more quickly than traditional braces because they are adjusted more frequently. Most Invisalign users will adjust their aligners every two weeks, which can deliver a straighter smile in about half the time required with normal braces.

Invisalign® and Confidence

Braces can trigger self-conscious feelings. . With Invisalign®, on the other hand, patients tend to see a boost in their self-confidence as each subsequent adjustment moves them one step closer to having their perfect smile, without affecting the aesthetics of their existing smile. Throughout it all, the clear design of the Invisalign® process minimizes any feelings of embarrassment related to the braces.

If you live or work in the Dover, NH area and are considering the Invisalign® process to help you create your beautiful smile, contact us today! We look forward to discussing the benefits of Invisalign and we’re confident that you will love the end result.

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